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We offer broad expertise in UX design, development, and IT, with extensive experience in the execution of every aspect of advanced development projects in a wide range of industries.

Advanced apps for the transportation sector

We have extensive experience in building and maintaining technically demanding applications in the airline and transportation sectors. These applications tend to cater to large numbers of users and fill a mission-critical role, such as handling airline passenger flows with high security and GDPR discretion.

UX & UI for fintech

Our team played a key role in creating the user experience for a banking fintech start-up. The project sought to disrupt traditional commercial banking through the development of a social, innovative interface to attract youthful customers.

Audio application

Audio playback with categorization for repetitive announcements

We have been involved in developing the front- and backend for an audio playback application to create an innovative and user-friendly experience, enabling customers to easily store and play repetitive announcements in public areas.

Web development

New website & digital design for Johan & Jacob Söderberg's foundation

Johan & Jacob Söderberg's foundation wanted to overhaul their website to better communicate relevant information to their applicants. We designed and developed an entirely new website and updated its logo to create a streamlined user experience.


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DesignWorld Labs AB
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