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Wellr health app for iOS & Android

Wellr is a health tech company that has developed a unique web-based solution for measuring, evaluating, and improving the health of company employees at work. They wanted to extend their product reach by developing an app for iOS and Android. DesignWorld helped to create the UX-design and developed the app for both platforms in the hybrid framework React Native.


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Login and onboarding process

We created a simple login and authentication flow with a token-based session towards Wellr's backend. Every new user is sent through an onboarding process where all the functionality in the app is presented and explained before they land in the app overview.

Integration with Apple Health & Google Fit

The main purpose of the app is to collect health data such as steps and distance from mobile devices. In order for us to do that, an extensive integration work needed to be done against Apple Health on iOS and Google Fit on Android. The data collected can then be synchronized by the user through a REST API in Wellr's backend. The app automatically asks the user for permission before any data can be synced.

Components adapted for each platform

We created a design component scheme made to fit both the iOS and Android platforms. iOS and Android might look similar, but there are many differences to take into consideration. We were able to unify the overall design approach, but each platform uses its specific navigation structure. Since all Android devices use a bottom navigation bar, we choose to minimize the header on Android while making the header larger on iOS devices. Another noticeable difference is the select tool and time picker component that differs between the platforms.

Health improvements through daily reminders

At DesignWorld we developed a reminder functionality that uses push notifications in order to help users remember important things related to their health. It is possible to both choose prescribed messages and to write your own. As a user, you are also able to schedule these messages on a daily basis.

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