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Headless e-commerce for Reijmyre Glassworks

Reijmyre Glassworks is one of Swedens oldest glassworks and has been in business since 1810. They produce handmade and mouth-blown glass that they sell on their own and selected pieces for companies such as Svenskt Tenn. Designworld was selected to design and build a website that would take Reijmyre's e-commerce to the next level.


Reijmyre Glassworks







Amazon Webservices




Headless architecture

We helped Reijmyre with selecting the technology and bringing them into 2020 using a headless architecture. Reijmyre's website is built in Gatsby and integrated towards Contentful and Shopify using GraphQL. The frontend part of the website is hosted on Amazon Webservices (AWS).

Online experience & UX/UI

Reijmyre was not a company with a strong online presence and needed help with designing a UX and UI for their brand. They wanted to promote and enhance their heritage and artists. We created a separate section where visitors can read about them and also shop their products. A separate product page with subpages for each product category was created with advanced filters to help shoppers find what they are looking for.

Member registration & login

Reijmyre wanted a way to provide value for their loyal customers by providing them with a member section where they can receive special offers and buy selected products. Therefore Designworld created a member registration and login functionality hosted in AWS.

Live inventory checking & Slide-out cart

Integration was made towards Shopify's API in order to check the inventory quantity of each product and variant. This prevents shoppers from buying a product that is out of stock or unavailable. A slide-out cart was made to work on both desktop and mobile devices to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

Responsive & SEO optimized

Search engine rankings are vital when you run e-commerce. We implemented a custom SEO section that can be used to optimize each page for the search engines. All pages have a responsive design that can adapt to fit any device such as mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computers.

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