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5 benefits with React Native

React Native is a popular hybrid framework that helps you create exciting mobile apps with the help of JavaScript. It uses declarative components built-in Javascript to create a mobile UI. The framework is completely open-source and supports the platforms iOS, Android, and web. We have summarized 5 key benefits with choosing React Native instead of completely Native development.

Speed of development

Since React Native is made up of Javascript and uses the same syntax as React JS, it is quite developer-friendly. If you are looking to develop an app for more than one platform (for example Android and iOS) it will cut the development time in half. With React Native about 95% of the codebase can be shared and reused between the platforms. All you need is an experienced developer familiar with React and the specific platforms.

Mobile performance

The performance is great compared to web applications and hybrid apps like Ionic. It is almost the same as native apps built with Java or Swift or Objective-C. It takes advantage of the device hardware, which means you can use the React Native to create faster mobile UI.

Large community

React Native is maintained by Facebook but mainly through community-driven development. This is great since you can find plenty of information regarding fixes for issues and problems. Other developers often share their code online, which can be helpful if you run into a problem.

Possible to use native code

Although React Native is developed in Javascript it is still possible to use native code in your project. This is great if you want to integrate hardware from the mobile device into your project. A so-called native bridge handles the communication between the native part and the Javascript.

Trusted by large companies

Why should you pick React Native for your next project? Well, it has been battle-tested by large companies such as Facebook, Instagram, AirBnb, Uber Eats, Skype, Tesla, and Pinterest to name a few. Contact us if you need professional help with developing your application.


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